Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Its a Kids Book - But there a big message for us adults too

The Mixed Up Chameleon 

Many a times my child would want everything that everyone else would have. Its not only annoying but growing up with such an attitude can be harmful as they grow up.

I once had a neighbor's kid, who would not want anyone to have toys better than him. I had caught him several times trying to break/spoil my son's toy, because he did not want Harsha to have toys better than him. I feel sad for him.  The better way would be for him to realize that, my friend has a better toy than me, perhaps I could share it and enjoy it once in a while ..or something around those lines. Harsha is nowhere near that attitude too...we are still work in progress.

Coming to this book, there are times we desire the life of someone else. Well we should read this book every time we that way.

Magic of Herve Tullet - Play with Book

This is the first book that I read to my kid and thought that it was fascinating and engaging at the same time. I would mix up some expression + excitement to make it the funnest book ever.

I strongly recommend reading it to yourself first, which will give an opportunity to understand how to best present to your kiddo.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Marriage - What to say to a 5 year old

"Simple questions but not sure if appropriate answer"

The questions from my 5 year old got me thinking lately. The new question is re: marriage. the book below helped hum find his own answers.

I would like to leave to his imagination after the story. The society we live in, there are different kinds of marriages. I would like to cross that bridge when I get there. For now...this should do it.

Death - A hard discussion

So my son has been really curious about death and dying. Its a very hard concept. He seems really anxious that some day I will be no more. He cries even with the thought of it. I knew I wanted to talk to him about it, but definitely did not want to scare him more. Well, death is the ultimate truth of life after all.

I told him, lets get a book and read about it. There may be many books out there, but this was really helped me.

Books That Stick to Toddlers

There are certain books that stick to the Toddler's head better than others. Funny story of my little one follows.

Harsha had just started Kumon. He was trying to identify objects in the first level of Kumon. He was offered to read "Brown Bear Brown Bear, what do you see". He started turning the pages and saying the words that would be present on the page, pointing and pretending to read. The teacher was amazed and when I went to pick him up, she asked "OMG he can read". Naaah..I said, Harsha loves me to read this book every day.

Yep, Book that stick in his head.